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Limitless star Jake McDorman has joined the cast of Ideal Home, the feature dramedy from Remstar Studios that stars Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan. The latter two play Paul and Erasmus, a bickering couple with an extravagant life. But when the grandson Erasmus never knew he had shows up at their high-class dinner party with nowhere else to go, the pair reluctantly decide to take him in.

McDorman is taking on the role of Beau, a drifter father who loses custody of his son to his estranged dad Erasmus and partner Paul. Andrew Fleming is directing and wrote the screenplay. Shooting is currently under way in New Mexico.

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26 May 2016 Mireia || Limitless

Showrunner Craig Sweeny noted that the reboot of the feature film will “not continue on any platform.”
It’s official: CBS’ Limitless will not live on to see a second season.

Days after CBS president Glenn Geller told reporters that producers were trying to find a home for the second season of the feature film reboot, showrunner Craig Sweeny took to Twitter to announce the fate of his series.

Sources say producers CBS Television Studios had taken Limitless to Amazon and Netflix, with both streaming services now opting to pass on picking up the series for a second season.[..]


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Limitless – Episode 1×22 – Finale Part Two.

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Limitless – Episode 1×21 – Finale Part One.

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Limitless – Episode 1×19 – A dog’s breakfast.

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Limitless – Episode 1×18 – Bezgranichnny.

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Limitless – Episode 1×16 – Sandsm Agent of Mora.

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Limitless – Episode 1×17 – Close Encounters.